The BioEntry reader is a full-blooded access control device that includes a Mifare remote card reader and a fingerprint reader. The operation can be adapted so that, for example, a fingerprint is sufficient during the day, but you need both a card and a fingerprint to open the door at night. The Bioentry Plus reader also has a ‘Template on card’ function, so that the user information is with the user themself. This means that your fingerprint template is stored on the Mifare remote card, so the reader itself does not have a fingerprint database.

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The reader is equipped with a TCP/IP interface which makes it easy to install in many environments. BioStar STD access control software is included in the price. You can add up to 20 doors to the access control, the maximum number of the BioStar SE software i s512! For the lock, the control relay is directly in the reader. In order to guarantee a higher level of security, we recommend installing a Secure I/O control centre on the lock in addition to the reader.

Features of Bioentry Plus:

  • You can add up to 10,000 users.
  • Operating mode options: card, fingerprint or card + fingerprint.
  • Works with Mifare, EM, HID, iClass FeliCa or CEPAS cards.
  • Up to 50,000 recent events are stored in the memory.
  • TCP/IP, Wiegand and RS485 interfaces. Efficient
  • 400Mhz DSP processor performs detection efficiently (in less than 1 sec.).
  • Wiegand interface to an existing access control system.
  • The operating temperature is from -25 to + 85 °C. Operating voltage 12VDC.
  • The reader can be connected to our Easynet service.

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