Solo is a locking control system based on fingerprint recognition. The safe and inexpensive locking solution is suitable for spaces where effective single-door monitoring is required. The fingerprint reader is ideal for small businesses and residential use, for example. In households, for example, it ensures that children have access to the home as they always have their “keys” with them.

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The F-Key Solo is easy to install – ask your local lock service company for a quote. The system can be programmed directly from the reader. It is possible to add various control functions to the reader, e.g. door automation. Features of Solo: The memory can store up to 220 users and 5,000 recent events. The solution allows you to add and remove individual users. You can connect a PC to the reader for maintenance. The reader has a high-performance, 500 dpi optical sensor. The operating temperature is from -25 to + 85 °C.

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