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KSL series cabinets are intended for larger applications that require centralised control of several key cabinets. The cabinets have a capacity of 16–400 keys, but can be increased to a system of more than 800 keys.

All maintenance is done over a network connection. If necessary, the cabinet's own touchscreen can also be used for minor maintenance changes. The cabinets have a battery assurance as standard. For maintenance and remote support, it is possible to connect remotely to the device with our maintenance! Smart cabinets are also available with storage lockers and IP65 classification, allowing the cabinet to be placed outside. The features of the smart cabinet are also available for a key cabinet that meets the requirements of the SS-3492 standard.

Software licences are always included in the price of CaseClosed key management systems. You do not have to pay for separate annual licences for the use of the management software. CaseClosed cabinets are also available with: Breathalyser, WiFi module for indoor or outdoor use, camera module, SMS and e-mail modules for sending messages and a separate PIN keypad. The key management system is also available as a turnkey solution, including deployment and training.Contact us and ask more about the different options!