Camera surveillance

Camera surveillance

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Now easier than ever! With camera surveillance, you can easily monitor and track the well-being of the items that are important to you with live footage! You can browse the events of the last ten days and, if necessary, take still pictures of what happened, for example, for the authorities! The cameras can be moved to different locations and you can install a camera for your summer cottage yourself with the help of our instructions! You can track and trace event conveniently online from home, office or on a smartphone as long as you have an internet connection. The system can be easily expanded as needed.


Easynet service®

The Easynet service® is not just a simple and unsecured image transfer from a device to the terminal. The Easynet service® is developed by Safetyset® and it transfers the camera-transmitted data with a secure VPN connection to our server with an international, high-level Tier 3 rating. This means, among other things, 99.98% security in communication links and secure data and power supply. Double verifications and automated 24/7 network monitoring ensure the high level of control. The data is stored on the server for 10 days. The CCTV footage is protected as securely as possible with modern technology!
However, the price of this quality service is affordable. One camera combined with the Easynet service® costs EUR 23 per month. This price includes a data transfer module. Additional cameras EUR 10 per camera, opening fee EUR 50. If the data transfer takes place over the GSM network, operator costs must also be taken into account.

Surveillance cameras and accessories

Lower prices and advanced quality features have accelerated the growth in popularity of IP cameras. Especially in new construction sites, IP cameras have already almost completely superseded the analog cameras. A popular way is to acquire your own cameras and buy the Easynet service® from us. The surveillance camera system can also be purchased as a service package at an affordable monthly price, in which case the cameras and data transfer to the Easynet service® have been taken into account in the monthly fee. The monthly fee for the cameras is EUR 12–16/camera/month with a 36-month contract, depending on the type of camera.

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