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In offices and also at home, you should pay attention to storage security. Fewer people store cash at home. Other items to be protected are, for example, a passport. It should be stored safely and reliably. If a passport falls into the wrong hands, it can be used later as part of identity theft. Reliable storing also applies to jewellery and small works of art that can be easily monetised.

The safes and key cabinets are bolted to the floor. To meet the requirements of the standards, the cabinets must be fixed to the floor or wall. It should also be noted that in addition to the classification of the safe, the space must meet separate protection requirements.

Below you will find lists of our selection of Eurograde 1 and Eurograde 2 safe cabinets according to European Standard EN 1143-1. Standard delivery with a mechanical key, also available with an electronic key lock. Contact our sales if you need information on classes III–V. Read the requirements in more detail in the Safe instructions.

Eurograde 1 safes. Prices are on page 5 of our price list
technical information table EK


Eurograde 2 safes. Prices are on page 6 of our price listeurograde euro2 safes