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Decorative films meet the same need as vision-blocking films, but at the same time act as decorative elements. The decorative films are vinyl films with a roll width of 124 cm. Striped and checkered films are used, for example, in windows in break rooms. We also supply pre-cut collision strips for doors and glass walls.

Shoji 3 crop 3x3 150x150

The pattern of the Shoji decorative film is like a hazy, melting matte ice surface. Visible light transmission is 69%, UV protection more than 99%.

Checker new 1 3x3 2 150x150 1 Checker is a perky checkerboard pattern with every other square clear and every other matte. Visible light transmission is 88%, UV protection more than 99%.
Glacier crop 3x3 150x150 The Glacier film is a vibrant film with a silver hue. Visible light transmission is 84%, UV protection more than 99%.