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UV radiation affects the chemical structure of fibres. In addition to fading colours, direct sunlight is also the cause of embrittlement and damage to fabrics, paper and varnish, among others. From autumn to spring, the problems can be surprisingly even worse because the sun shines lower and directly through the windows.

The highest quality sun protection films designed to protect against UV radiation filter out more than 99 per cent of the sun’s UV radiation between 300 and 385 nanometres. With UV-Gard film, protection is effective up to 400 nanometres. This is what makes the difference between the so-called museum films and conventional clear UV films: the UV protection of standard films deteriorates rapidly after a wavelength of 370 nanometres. UV-B wavelengths are between 280–315 nm and UV-A between 315–400 nm.

Many art museums have improved their UV protection and adjusted the amount of sunlight with high-quality UV protection films. The UV-Gard protective film is also ideal for shop windows to protect clothing or objects from the UV radiation.

pdf UV-Gard film for museums product brochure (2.31 MB)