Security window films

An ordinary window turns into a forced entry-resistant or shatterproof glass when laminated with a patented GlassGard film. The protection films are clear single layer or interlayer laminates with strong scratch protection and an adhesive surface. The film can be attached to the surface of all smooth glass and it is laminated into the window within about a month. The impact energy on the laminated glass is distributed over a wider area of the glass and the impact is reduced. If the glass breaks, the GlassGard film holds the glass in one piece. Films are manufactured in several strengths according to different application needs. Applications include, for example, burglary protection of business premises and homes as well as the protection of windows in schools, day-care centres and hospitals for better personal and patient safety. The films are also suitable for industrial needs, e.g. skylights above production lines. GlassGard films do not require special care. Ultra Bond installation solution must be used to install the film. The film installed by an authorised installer has a 10-year limited warranty. Conventional detergent is sufficient for cleaning. However, avoid sharp cleaning equipment, as they can damage the surface of the film. pdf Load the information card by the Building Information Group (1.75 MB) folder

GlassGard security films GG 1200 and GG 1400

The security film GG 1200 is a burglary protection product tested by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and approved by insurance companies in accordance with the EN 356 P 2A standard. GG 1200 and GG 1400 films are suitable for large glass surfaces providing safety against property damage and personal injuries. GlassGard 1200 and 1400 films give excellent protection against forced entries. The films also reduce indirect damage caused by break-ins through windows.

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Fragment protection film GG 700

The strong fragment protection film SEC GG 700 is a 0.24 mm thick film that meets the requirements of the EN 12600 2 standard. It can be used instead of laminated glass in windows when the distance of the lower edge of the glass from the floor level is less than 800 mm. Recommended uses: For large glass and mirror surfaces, as fragment protection in door glasses, as collision protection and in windscreens for special vehicles.

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Fragment protection film GG 400

The fragment protection film SEC GG 400 is 0.16 mm thick and meets the requirements of EN 112600 1 standard. Recommended uses: As fragment protection for small glass surfaces as the fragment can cause damage to people, products, furnishings or equipment. GlassGard 400 film can also be used as UV protection in shop windows and private homes to reduce fading.

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Vandalism and anti-graffiti film

Unfortunately, vandalism and destruction of property have become more common and the damage caused is not limited to any one building or industry. The problem is global and imposes high costs on communities and businesses. One way to reduce these disadvantages is the Madico anti-graffiti protective film.

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Blast protection films

The most serious risks, such as pressure waves from strong chemical explosions, require more effective safety films. The SafetyShield 800 is such a film, a very strong multi-layer blast protection film developed by Madicon Ltd. Safetyset Oy is a Premier Partner store authorised by the factory. We have an installation company status that provides a 10-year factory warranty for the entire process from fabrication and design to installation.

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