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Unfortunately, vandalism and destruction of property have become more common and the damage caused is not limited to any one building or industry. The problem is global and imposes high costs on communities and businesses. One way to reduce these disadvantages is the Madico anti-graffiti protective film.

The anti-graffiti film protects glass and other smooth surfaces from graffiti paintings and other vandalism. The film is optically clear. In addition to graffiti, it protects surfaces from wear and makes glass surfaces safer. The film is easily removable for maintenance and does not leave adhesive residue on the surface. This speeds up maintenance operations. The film can be used in, for example, various means of transport and vehicles, lifts, and escalators. Graffiti Free 600 film helps prevent damage and reduce the costs of vandalism. The film can be used on glasses and smooth metal surfaces, such as fire-painted or stainless steel sheet metal surfaces. The film is easily replaceable and optically clear. Graffiti Free 600 film can be installed on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. The most common applications are shop windows, bus and train windows, and the surfaces in toilets, elevators and various vending machines.

Graffiti Free films:

- Bind glass fragments if the glass breaks. The product does not replace the actual fragment protection film!
- Slows down the fading of products with a good level of UV protection
- Visible light transmission 87%, thermal protection 17% and infrared thermal protection 23%.

Graffiti Free 600 film has been tested according to the requirements of the ANSI Z-26.1 standard, for example, against chemical resistance. In the test, test pieces are immersed in different liquids for one minute. The fluids used are denatured alcohol, gasoline and windshield washer fluid. After the test, the test pieces are wiped with water and checked for soft or sticky surfaces. Graffiti Free 600 film has passed these tests.