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Smart lockers provide an easy and secure solution for storing and controlling valuables. Thanks to the smart locker, you know where your important items and valuables are and can keep track of who is using them. You can only grant users rights to items that they are authorised to use. Rights can also be group-specific. Users are identified by an RFID passcode, PIN or biometric fingerprint reader. From the locker's own screen, it is easy to check who was the last to borrow the items and when.

User management is done with the same PC application as Safetyset's key management systems. The lockers can also be linked to the CaseClosed key management system, allowing items and keys to be stored and monitored in one system.

smart locker picture2Usually medicine, money, guns, tablets, and laptops, for example, are stored in the lockers. The locker can also have ready-made charging slots for smartphones or other devices, so the batteries are always charged for use. At its best, however, smart lockers normally free up the working time of people who hand over items or keys. For example, hotel keys or important documents can be handed over even in the middle of the night, safely and easily.


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The doors of the smart locker are made of durable polycarbonate or metal. The lockers are always made according to the customer's needs, making it easy to connect different sized lockers or key hooks. Contact us, let’s choose the right solution for your needs!


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