Biometric identification and access control

Accessible movement safely without keys. In Suprema readers, you can use biometric identification – like fingerprints – or a smart keychain to unlock. With some models you can even have a PIN code as an additional identifier! Traditional keys are not needed, so the lock itself also lasts much longer. The electric lock stays open when opening the door and facilitates access even in low light; the reader also operates from a distance.If you want to transfer your access control data to a cloud to be managed remotely, our EasyNet service includes everything you need for an access control service – at an affordable monthly price! Our server space is classified and secure with a high speed 100/100 connection. It is backed up by double telecommunication connections and the data backup is automated.

BioStar software

The BioStar software is an IP-based access control software that is the foundation of all our products. The basic software is always included in the reader's price so that you implement both access control and working time monitoring cost-effectively. It is MSSQL or MySQL based, which means that the database can also be flexibly used with other software.

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Suprema Solo fingerprint reader

Solo is a locking control system based on fingerprint recognition. The safe and inexpensive locking solution is suitable for spaces where effective single-door monitoring is required. The fingerprint reader is ideal for small businesses and residential use, for example. In households, for example, it ensures that children have access to the home as they always have their “keys” with them.

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BioEntry reader

The BioEntry reader is a full-blooded access control device that includes a Mifare remote card reader and a fingerprint reader. The operation can be adapted so that, for example, a fingerprint is sufficient during the day, but you need both a card and a fingerprint to open the door at night. The Bioentry Plus reader also has a ‘Template on card’ function, so that the user information is with the user themself. This means that your fingerprint template is stored on the Mifare remote card, so the reader itself does not have a fingerprint database.

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BioLite Net reader

BioLite Net is a versatile reader based on fingerprint recognition, with the use of a smart keychain plus a PIN code!
You get free software with the product to which you can manage or link up to 20 doors to one group. Larger numbers of doors require paid software.

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Xpass reader

This reader combines new technology, versatility and affordability. The Xpass system guarantees top-level access control for companies of all sizes. The small, streamlined and IP65-protected reader is easy to install on every door – indoors and outdoors. The system is in a class of its own in terms of versatility and flexibility.

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Xpass Slim reader

Combine design, technology, versatility and affordability of the new era in your access control. The Xpass Slim reader has the same features as the Xpass reader but is significantly thinner. The truly streamlined and IP65-protected reader is easy to install indoors and outdoors.

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