Sun protection films

Safetyset has the widest range of sun protection and property protection films in Finland: we have more than 30 different film types available. The customer can choose between clear, reflective, semi-reflective and tinted films with several reflection levels and nuances. The scratch-resistant surface of SunGard and Solar Screen films is very durable and easy to care for. You can, for example, clean windows as usual. All the indoor installed films have the longest product warranty on the market, which is ten years. In some locations, a rolling sunshield may be the best option. Read more about this option. pdf Load the information card by the Building Information Group. (1.75 MB) pdf Read the warranty and care instructions. (31 KB)


Clarity 245 XC sun protection film

The Clarity 245 XC is the novelty film of 2019. This film, which is installed on the outer surface of the glass, has an unnoticeable tint and good heat protection properties. The film has 60% light transmission and more than 50% heat protection. This film can be safely installed on the outer surface of any glass due to its low absorption percentage.

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Century Nova

Nova films are premium quality sun protection films for indoor installations. With the help of nanotechnology, the films have several layers but are still thin. This technical solution effectively repels heat and prevents fading, but it does not make the glass dark or reflective.

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Solar Grey indoor films

Solar Grey films are the renewed indoor installation films in the Sungard product family. The colour is neutral grey and optically clear. Nickel chromium metallisation also removes glare. The film is a good choice for both home and office use due to its low reflective effect. The film is a two-layer, anodised sun protection film with multilayer metallisation.

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Multiglass 44 indoor film

Multiglass is a window film that can also be attached on the inner surface of 3K thermoglasses. The low absorption value of the film also allows installation on the inside of tempered glass elements. Multiglass sun protection films are available in one tint. The film can be installed on all clear indoor glass surfaces.

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OPTIVISION protection film series

Optivision film is a new type of sun protection film giving you the best of both the daytime and dark hours. After sunset, you can enjoy the sceneries and during the day the film reduces indoor heat and protects the interior from sunrays. The Optivision series has five different levels of tint, of which two darkest, 05 and 15, are the best screen protectors.

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Silver reflective films

Reflective Silver films are metallised and reflective films with good heat protection and anti-glare properties. Tints 20, 30 and 60 can also be installed on double-glazed tempered glasses. Silver 20 reflective film also reduces glare. The surface of the silver-coloured reflective film is scratch-resistant and highly reflective.

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Spectra Crystal XC outdoor film

Spectra Crystal XC is a premium outdoor film. The films are designed for outdoor installations of demanding objects and locations. The films have a particularly high visible light transmission combined with good heat rejection. The film can be installed on all glass surfaces and window structures.

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Platine Cristal XC outdoor films

Platine Cristal XC is an economically priced series sun protection film for outdoor installations. The films have good reflectivity of visible light and heat. The film can be installed on all clear exterior glass surfaces and window structures. Platine Cristal film has a matte finish unlike other traditional reflective films.

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Solar Silver reflective film for outdoor installations

Solar Silver reflective films are traditional high-reflective, silver-coloured two-layer films for outdoor use. The durability of the products has been significantly increased through product development. The films can also be attached on the outer surface of double tempered glasses. In this case, it must be taken into account that the entire glass surface must be film-coated in order to eliminate possible thermal stress damage.

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Natural Cristal XC outdoor films

Natural Cristal XC is a medium price series sun protection film for outdoor installations. The films have low reflection properties combined with a high absorption
value. The colour of the Natural Cristal film is steel grey, making the facade elegantly calm. The film is made in two tints: 20 and 35.

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Solar Grey outdoor films

Solar Grey Exterior is a neutral grey anodised film for outdoor use. The colour is like stainless steel. The nickel-chromium alloy used in the anodic treatment also effectively reduces glare. Solar Grey film can also be installed on the outer surfaces of fixed tempered glass elements. The film is intended for outdoor installations and it has very good scratch protection.

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Thermal energy film

Energy films help save on heating and cooling costs. In winter, the energy film helps keep the air inside warm, and in summer it limits the heat indoors. Energy films also protect the wall and floor surfaces of properties as well as furniture and textiles from the fading caused by UV radiation.

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Sun protection curtains

Sun protection curtains combine the best aspects of sun protection films and traditional curtains. They very effectively block the thermal energy produced by the sun, but do not completely block out the views. If necessary, the sun protection curtains are easy to roll up or lower only partially if you do not want to cover the window completely. However, you can still see outside through a lowered curtain, but not inside.

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