The safe supplied by Safetyset Oy has been tested according to the standard EN 1143-1, which is divided into classes I-V. A high-quality safe is suitable for items where a Euro-classified safe is required, for example, due to the storage of keys. The Confederation of Finnish Financial Services, together with insurance companies, have defined requirements for safes if they hold cash.



In offices and also at home, you should pay attention to storage security. Fewer people store cash at home. Other items to be protected are, for example, a passport. It should be stored safely and reliably. If a passport falls into the wrong hands, it can be used later as part of identity theft. Reliable storing also applies to jewellery and small works of art that can be easily monetised.

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Safes with key hooks


Key cabinet with safe features. These EN1143-1 compliant key cabinets are made to suit your needs. You can decide for yourself the number of hooks and shelves.

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