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CaseClosed® holder briefcase is intended for the safe transport of keys, serial data and fillers in cars. Holder briefcases cannot be used instead of actual key cabinets. Two versions of the briefcases are available. The basic holder briefcases are supplied with padded interior. They can be used to transport, for example, key chains or key shells. The inner dimensions of the briefcase are 405 x 230 x 100 mm. The cover has not been taken into account in the dimensions. Prices are on page 1 of our price list

briefcase product pageAt the front of the briefcase there is a place for a pad lock. Individual keys can be stored separately in a briefcase with slots for 2 x 24 keys. The mounting positions are on both sides of the plate. It is recommended that the briefcases be attached to the vehicle with a separate, lockable rack. The mounting of the rack on the vehicle can be done vertically or horizontally. The length of the rack is 440 mm. Both the briefcase and the rack are black. Load the brochure