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Spectra Crystal XC is a premium outdoor film. The films are designed for outdoor installations of demanding objects and locations. The films have a particularly high visible light transmission combined with good heat rejection. The film can be installed on all glass surfaces and window structures.

As the film is almost imperceptible, it is a good alternative for listed buildings and hotels as well as other public spaces. The film retains its colour well and is not prone to decolourisation. The protective film is available in two levels of tint. One has a visible light transmission of 78% and the other 54%, and yet they have a high percentage of heat rejection. Ultrabond solution must be used for installations. We also recommend additional fastening of the film’s edges with neutral silicone. Securing with silicone also reduces damage caused by birds or vandalism. UV light transmission is less than 1%.

pdf Spectra sun protection films product brochure (1.37 MB)