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Sun protection curtains combine the best aspects of sun protection films and traditional curtains. They very effectively block the thermal energy produced by the sun, but do not completely block out the views. If necessary, the sun protection curtains are easy to roll up or lower only partially if you do not want to cover the window completely. However, you can still see outside through a lowered curtain, but not inside.

For tempered glass windows, we recommend keeping the blinds either completely up or down. This minimises the effect of thermal stress on the glass. Sun protection curtains are made of the same material as sun protection films, but due to the unique surface treatment, the curtains are very resistant to movement and wear. The SolarScreen sunblinds represented by Safetyset block up to 93% of the heat radiation produced by the sun and 99% of the UV radiation, they also excellently repel reflections. Therefore, they are a good choice for offices, for example, where sunlight makes working at a computer hard.

Sun protection curtains are available in ready-made packages in 25 mm lengths. The maximum width is 200 cm and the heights are 170 cm and 230 cm. It is also possible to order sunblinds according to the specific dimensions, so contact us so that we can choose the right solution for you!

Mounting can be on the window frames or ceilings. Nylon rods for the edge of the curtain are available as an option. They can be used in sloping window structures and in windy places such as doorways.

It is possible to order a separate protective case for custom-made curtains. The case protects the curtains from dust and also has a separate brush section that keeps the curtains clean. SolarScreen sunblinds have a two-year warranty.

Please note: For the safety of children, the tow rope of the curtains must be installed in such a way that there is no risk of accident!

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